Accessibility Information

If you are using an assistive technology and are not able to complete a task on this website you can either email the California Online Directory or contact us via phone call at (800) 807-6755.

One of the objectives of this website is to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 requirements for Conformance Level AA. This page describes and documents some of the activities that were performed in the effort to make this website level AA compliant.

The W3C Accessibility initiative has an entire section of their website dedicated to accessibility. Some of the links used while creating this website are:

What Makes this website Accessible

  • This page was created and included on the website. This is important because users need to know that thought and effort was put into creating a website with Accessibility as part of the requirements.
  • Known Accessibility issues and success criteria that are not met are documented. Some Accessibility guidelines may NOT be implemented due to time and resource constraints. All known Accessibility issues for this website are listed and available to users.
  • The website includes instructions on how a user should proceed if an Accessibility issue prevents them from using this website. Users who are not able to use this website to complete a task due to Accessibility issues can get assistance by sending an email to the California Online Directory Agents or by phone at (800) 807-6755.
  • The website follows basic usability concepts. There are many aspects of Usability. Read Usability Guidelines from
  • The website was reviewed against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Deficiencies were corrected or documented.

Possible Accessibility Issues

  • The website malfunctions in some major browsers. Firefox and Google Chrome were tested and issues were identified. The root cause appears to be that the technology used to build this website produces HTML that these browsers don't render well.
  • Internet Explorer is the only supported browser for this website. Microsoft technologies were used to build this website. All features and functions work when viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Scripting must be turned on. Again the root cause appears to be the technology used to create this website. It generates a lot of script that must be executed by the browser. Turning off scripting completely disables the website.
  • There are several pages where a table of data is displayed. Each row of the table contains a link with text like 'edit'. Accessibility guidelines state that multiple links on a page with the same text and different destinations should be avoided.