Directory Listing Coordinator Information

Each state government agency, including departments, boards, and commissions, are required to designate at least one person within their organization as the Directory Listing Coordinator (DLC). The DLC tracks organizational changes and contact information for employees within their agency. The DLC then assists the Office of Technology Services (OTech) / Directory Services by entering updates for those organizational changes and contact information into the Directory Listing database on a monthly basis.

This information is critical for the State Information Agents (formerly State Telephone Operators) to respond to callers, and provides a resource for public and private agencies and citizens to access the most updated state directory information.


Specific DLC responsibilities include:

  • Act as the principle liaison to the OTech / Directory Services for California Telephone Directory updates.
  • Track organizational and telephone number changes within their agency.
  • Update the Directory Listing database monthly, at a minimum.
  • Meet deadlines and follow information provided by OTech / Directory Services.
  • Ensure there is a designated backup and alternate backup DLC to fulfill the DLC responsibilities.

The following resources have been provided to assist DLCs in their day-to-day responsibilities:

  • To designate a DLC, a backup, and alternate backup DLC for your agency, complete a  DLC Contact Info Form (Word docx).
  • OTech / Directory Services emails DLCs as needed to provide information and request information.